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Driven by boundless curiosity, our staff is the heart and soul of Blue Lagoon Iceland. Across 30 years, Blue Lagoon has been a place where creative individuals from diverse disciplines use the power of nature and the principles of sustainability to unlock the door to new dimensions of radiant wellbeing.

Passionate. Inventive. Ambitious.

Aspiring to create unforgettable memories for our guests, we strive to embody the harmonic interplay of nature, science, design, and sustainability. Today, Blue Lagoon is a model of innovation in the fields of experiential design, interior design, architecture, skincare, renewable energy, and biotechnology. Our staff—passionate, inventive, and ambitious—is an endless source of pride and inspiration, constantly propelling the company to higher ground. We invite you to get to know some of the wonderful people who help make Blue Lagoon a world of wonder.

Enjoy the stories

Watch some of our employees discuss their work, their lives, and their dreams.

Chad Michael Keilen – Quality and product development massage therapist

Chad has worked at Blue Lagoon for seven years. During the course of his career, he is proud to have developed in-water massage treatments that are unique to the Blue Lagoon.

Andri Ottósson - Network Specialist

Andri discusses the people working behind the scenes, ensuring that the essence of well-being is reflected in the seamless functioning of our technical and digital services.

Jessica Da Costa – Chef

Jessica’s story is an inspiration to us all. Here she tells us about her journey towards becoming one of our top chefs at Lava Restaurant.

Valgerður Einarsdóttir – Interior designer

Valgerður is a designer through and through. In this video she explains us about how she uses art forms such as music to awaken enchanting emotions within our guests at the Blue Lagoon.

Cindy Rún Xiao Li - Social Media Manager

Cindy began her Blue Lagoon career as a receptionist and is now a social media manager. In this interview, she describes the virtues of being given opportunities for professional growth.

Marteinn Már Jakobsson – Front of House Manager at The Retreat

Marteinn is a manager at the Retreat Hotel. Here he describes Blue Lagoon's positive work environment, highlighting the cooperative spirit among the staff and the fundamental respect they have for each other, for the guests, and for the wonders of nature.

Esther Hjálmarsdóttir - Nurse

Esther is a nurse at the Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic. Here she talks about the small miracles she sees every day in the treatment of her psoriasis patients.

Jónatan Arnar Örlygsson - Digital Product Manager

Jónatan is a Digital Product Manager at Blue Lagoon. Here he explains how the company's graphic designers use one of its core values—We Inspire—to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in every dimension of Blue Lagoon's online presence.

Rósa Björk Svavarsdóttir - Head Waiter

Rósa has been a head waiter at Blue Lagoon since 2013 and wouldn't want to work anywhere else. In this interview, she outlines the joys, challenges, and rewards of her job.

Ása Brynjólfsdóttir, Director of Research & Development

Ása covers her three-decade tenure as the directer of research & development, exploring her projects and initiatives. She also discusses Blue Lagoon’s environmental policy and the company’s core values.

Nicholas Christopher Grinyer, Host

Nick has worked as a host at Blue Lagoon for 8 years. Here he talks about the nature of his job, the value of a strong work ethic, and Blue Lagoon’s status as a globally recognized travel destination.

Celine Valerie Lorriaux – Business Solution Manager

Driven by fresh and innovative ideas, Celine works on expanding Blue Lagoon's offerings in new and exciting destinations. Here, she shares insights into emerging opportunities within the company.

Key figures

With a multicultural and multitalented workforce, we foster a strong work ethic as we protect equality, promote job satisfaction, and support continuing education.

Blue Lagoon

Gender ratio

Women make up 60% of the company and men 40%.

Blue Lagoon


Our staff represents 44 different countries.

Blue Lagoon

Total employees

Blue Lagoon employs 840 people.

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